Harbor City

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Harbor City Church

Our mission is to help people know and follow Jesus. We are a new church passionate about the people of Gulfport! We want to serve our community and be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come to hear God’s word, find community and live life together.

Where we


425 Cowan Rd.
gulfport, ms

When we


Sunday afternoons
4:30 pm

Our Core





Everyone needs Jesus.

Everyone needs Family.

Everyone needs Purpose.

The foundation of everything we do is very simple - the Gospel. The Gospel is the powerful reality that Jesus actually lived a perfect life, died in our place, and rose victoriously from the grave. This simple truth literally changes everything.
When we embrace the simple truth of the Gospel, we embrace each other. Let’s be honest - we all have issues that we can’t handle on our own. We need each other. This honest truth drives us to embrace an authentic biblical community.
Honest Gospel-centered community is never stagnate; it’s focused. God has commissioned His people to advance His purposes. An authentic Gospel-centered community is passionately focused on advancing the mission of God.

Are you planing

your first 


If you are new here, we want to make it extremely easy to visit and connect. Our church is casual and friendly, and we hope you will come and visit us this Sunday! Find out more about what to expect on your first visit by clicking the link below!

What we 

Teach and Believe

GOd the father

god the son

God the Father created the world and us in His perfect image. He is a living, active God and nothing can stop his unfailing love for us.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and through Him we have salvation and eternal life.

god the Holy Spirit

the Bible 

God the Holy Spirit permanently indwells all believers and empowers us to faithfully follow Jesus in all areas of life.
We believe the 66 books, which compose the canon of Holy Scripture, to be the sole authority of our faith and practice.

Harbor City Kids

Harbor City Kids is designed to provide fun and safe
 kids activities where they can learn about Jesus. 
For kids of all ages!

Missional Communities

MCs are smaller groups that meet throughout the week.
They are a place to build relationships, grow, and live life with one another. 




Rod wallace

Lead Pastor
We have been serving the Church since before we were married in 2001. We have been so blessed to have been able to watch people come and know Jesus through the life of Harbor City. It has been an adjustment for us and our kids Raine, Lillie, Pax, Maggie, and Kameron, but we are so blessed to be able to serve the Church. You can usually find us playing boardgames, or wrangling kids until the late am! We can't wait to meet you!
- Angelia and Rod

Bradley Wellman

Missional Community Directors/ Admin
We love our kiddos Jenna and Jack! We have been blessed with 13 years of marriage with each other, and still figuring each other out. As we began with Missional Communities in the beginning of Harbor City, we instantly realized that we would be uncomfortable at first. Though with time, we have come to rely on our Community during challenging times. When we are home with the kids, we usually are involved in a Nerf gun fight or trying to find the next concert to go to!

Join us


425 Cowan Rd.
4:30 pm